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purapeel master class coming February 2023 to 


we are so proud to be hosting our purapeel master class in Sydney in February 2023

Learn all you need to know about the PuraPeel device. This master class is for those who already have the PuraPeel device or someone who is looking at adding PuraPeel to their service menu. With Special guest Tatiana from BB Glow Academy. 

What Does the PuraPeel Master class cover?

Theory - Hydrating PuraPeel facial with Ultrasound or sonopheresis for dry and dehydrated skin. 

Practical component - How to use the Ultrasound treatment to get the best results for your clients 

Theory - High Frequency and Oxygen spray, discover how the high frequency facial kills off the acne causing bacteria. 

Practical component - Upgrade you clients and mix and match treatments for customised facials. 

Theory - Theory for Ultrasonic facial for deeply congested skin with ultrasonic scrubber while also infusing peptides deep into the layers of the skin. 

Practical component  - Learn how to use this treatment as a stand alone treatment or an add on to an existing treatment to maximise your salon's income. 

Theory - OxyBrasion for all skin types, Learn the science behind the Bohr effect and how Oxygen is a vital element to healthy skin 

Practical component - Hands on practical training to and watch how the Bohr effect completely transforms the skin from within. 

Theory - PuraPeel HydraBrasion - See why Hydrabrasion is fast becoming the number 1 treatment around the world. 

Practical component - See the hydrabrasion in action and learn why hydrabrasion is such a fast antiagening treatment that everyone can't stop talking about. 

Special Guest Tatian from BBGlow Academy and KRX Aesthetics covers 

BB Glow 

Meso Needling 

Green Sea Peel 

PD - 13 Acne treatment. 

Master class will be held in Sydney North Bexley in February 2023 Price will be updated shortly. There will be a choice of One day Master Class with PuraPeel  $799 or 2 day Master class with PuraPeel and BB Glow  Price will be updated shortly.

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