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NEW OxyBrasion with PuraPeel plus

Oxygenate the skin from within with OxyBrasion.

OxyBrasion technology works to optimize the skin’s absorbability by oxygenating it from within, which helps trigger your body's natural process for increased levels of internal oxygen. The treatment also enhances exfoliation and promotes deeper penetration into pores - leaving the skin feeling rejuvenated!

The OxyBrasion treatment is a three-step process which includes the primer gel, pod and serum to address each step in this system. The high frequency wave will target skin concerns over time while also enhancing your beauty through oxygen spray.

OxyBrasion treatment at Lamour Skin Clinic Strathfield
The OxyBrasion Process


The OxyBrasion Pod ingredients are activated when in contact with nourishing ingredients, which react and create a gentle exfoliation that is non-invasive. This reaction also triggers oxygenation also known as the Bohr effect INSIDE your skin!


OxyBrasion is a revolutionary new treatment that triggers the body's natural, physiological process of oxygenation. With increased levels internally and on skin surfaces throughout facial treatments Oxygenation helps prep the skin for maximum absorption into cells so you can achieve radiant-looking results!


OxyBrasion's Nourishment serum is formulated with highly effective ingredients to provide the skin maximum benefit. These highly effective vitamins and essential nutrients, such as Ferulic acid or Kojic Acid found in our speciality formula that are specifically designed for each of your facial treatments can be seen working best when infused into recently oxygenated and exfoliated skins during an Oxybrusion process because it helps lock them deep within dermal layers where they're needed most!

High Frequency step during OxyBrasion Facial

PuraPeel OxyBrasion treatments are great for targeting and diminishing skin concerns over time, while also being able to work in conjunction with a variety of other cosmetic procedures. This can enhance overall facial tone & texture which promotes glowing youthful-looking skins! The three step process includes pod therapy, treatment serum, high frequency and oxygen sprays.

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