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Reach a whole new level of hydration

Updated: May 4, 2022

Skin that looks ad good as it feels. Words by Sydney Dermal Therapist Victoria K

You don't need to be complicated about skin health. PuraPeel delivers a gentle procedure that rejuvenates and protects the natural beauty within, allowing your true self shine through without any interference from outside forces like bacteria or environmental stressors.


Microdermabrasion with PuraPeel Device at Lamour skin clinic Strathfield

It combines exfoliation with acid peels , extractions + antioxidant infusions for deep cleansing followed by decongesting which leaves you feeling invigorated, refreshed and renewed.

"When I saw the results being achieved by PuraPeel, it was clear that this procedure should be available at our clinic."

"Colleagues of mine were raving about how their skin improved after just one session," says Sydney Dermal Therapist Victoria from Lamour Skin Clinic in Strathfield. The treatment combines a number of modalities including cleansing and exfoliation with an acid peel as well as hydration for protection against external aggressors such is UV rays which can cause wrinkles over time if not properly cared for!"

PuraPeel is the new way to hydrate your skin. It’s like having an instant facials, but better because it works on all types of skins and has no side effects! The improvements are immediate with PuraPeel. You'll feel and see results in just one treatment!

What Results are expected?

“I have only ever had positive feedback from our clients with regards to the Pura peel,” says

Victoria. “Our clients report an improvement in their skin after just one treatment! Many tell us how fresh it feels both immediately and over time following treatments."

There is no typical client for this treatment; its benefit applies generally across all ages or types of complexion without any safety concerns involved at each stage—we do recommend this treatment as your monthly skincare regime.

Victoria performing PuraPeel at Lamour Skin Clinic Strathfield

What are the Benefits?

The Pura Peel system is great for improving the appearance of your skin. It’s gentle, soothing and non-irritating which means anyone can enjoy treatment with no downtime! The peel works to improve fine lines or wrinkles; soften dry patches caused by aging like Australia's sun damage (hyperpigmentation) brown spots and sun spots - even oily/acne prone skins will be improved thanks in part because there are no harsh chemicals used during this procedures which means it is a as well enjoyed irritation free results every single time.

The 4 Simple Steps


Dead skin cells are removed to reveal healthy new skin.


A selection of peels to choose from to suit any skin concern & to loosen dirt and debris from pores without any irritation.


Pain - free automated suction to unclog pores and congestion.


Vitamins A + B along with hyaluronic acid are infused to nourish the skin with a non stop Vitamin Infusion.

Want to try the PuraPeel treatment at Lamour Skin clinic in Strathfield? Check out their Instagram page here.


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