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Why you need PuraPeel Hydra-Dermabrasion in you salon now

With over one billion dollars spent on non-invasive cosmetic treatments in Australia annually, it's no wonder that demand for these procedures has only increased. For this reason alone you should consider updating your salon or clinic with modern devices. PuraPeel Hydradermabrasion provides clients with a safe and effective way to treat various skin conditions without having any negative effects on their skin. It's the perfect alternative if you're looking for something that will not irritate your delicate facial tissue, but still provide deep peels that are necessary in treating skin concerns.

PuraPeel Hydradermabrasion at Tania's Beauty Secrets

What is a PuraPeel Hydradermabrasion System?

PuraPeel Hydradermabrasion is a non-invasive cosmetic facial procedure with skin quality improvement benefits including: improved texture, antiaging effects and smaller appearance of pores. The PuraPeel Hydrdermabrasion device has three steps it uses for treatment; exfoliation (using our step one liquid), cleansing which cleanses the pores from sebum & debris plus suction removes dead cells on your surface layer while simultaneously delivering serums that treat more deeply than topical application alone due to its ability via vacuum pressure being applied directly onto the skin. PuraPeel Hydradermabrasion is a unique form of "dermal abrasions" that uses liquid and suction to remove the skin's topmost layer without damaging it. This makes PuraPeel a safe option for those with sensitive skin types as there will be no downtime nor signs post-treatment; clients can resume their daily activies right away!

The second step in the PuraPeel Hydradermabrasion is a great treatment pre event because it delivers either AHA or BHA (depending on skin condition), which chemically exfoliate the outermost layer off dead cells while also killing bacteria. This method isn't stripping away your entire complexion but instead blends in some gentle physical action to give you glowing results without any redness or irritation!

High Frequency with the PuraPeel Device at Tania's Beauty Secrets

In one of the earlier studies on PuraPeel Hydradermabrasion, researchers found that this device delivers better results than applying them solely to surfaces because it penetrates deep into your epidermis and injects vitamins into its cells. "Clients' skins became thicker with increased antioxidant levels; smaller pores were visible under microscope examination after just 10 days--and patients had fewer fine lines or sun spots as well! That's why we recommend Pura Peel for all our clients looking towards clear, glowing skin healthily delivered from inside out" said Dermal Therapist Tania at Tania's Beauty Secrets.

Are you ready to take your salon/clinic to the next level? get in touch with a consultant and see how PuraPeel can benefit your salon or clinic today.

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