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Our PuraPeel step 2 solution is formulated to be applied after cleansing the face to help balance the natural pH of the skin and shrink the pores.formulsted with lactic acid for ease of extractions.

This gentle cleanser removes all traces of dirt and pollutant impurities that can build up throughout the day without stripping the skins barrier. Anti-pollution actives work to purify skin cells and remove pollutant particles from the skins surface while vitamins and extracts are a source of antioxidants to calm inflammation and restore radiance.


Key Ingredients in this product

Vitamin E as an antioxidant,

Anti-pollution Skin Purifier to remove oxidised oils

Green Tea extract to soothe and protect from free radicals and wheatgerm and camellia (tea) oils to nourish skin.

Puratone step 2 solution

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